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Starter Home Project

Netherfield Partnership have allocated a parcel of Derelict land for the development of Starter Homes.

The East Herts District Council has been made aware of the intentions of Netherfield Partnership since the start of the Millennium.

In 2016, The Prime Minister has launched a Thousands of new homes on Green Belt in biggest shake-up for 30 years throughout the United Kingdom on small and appropriate sites.

Netherfield Partnership strongly believe that the Kitten Hill Site falls within the purview of the Prime Ministers proposal.

  1. Small, Self Contained Site hidden from neighbouring developments by mature Trees.
  2. Site is within the Village Envelope of Stanstead Abbotts
  3. Access to the site will be provided by a donation of land at the exit of the site.  A Mini roundabout is proposed to be located on the B.180
  4. The development provides for desperately needed starter homes, particularly given the cost of housing in Central London
  5. The Public Transport Infrastructure allows commuters to travel to work locally, or to the City of London in the same time as it would take a Resident of Fulham only 7 miles from the City.
  6. The Highway infrastructure enables the Canary Wharf developments to be accessed in as little as 45 minutes.

Project outline

Site is clearly above all Flood risk
Altitude of Kitten Lane is 71 feet above the River Lea in the Flood Plain below.

Importantly, the project is set below the skyline as shown in the map below.